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Curious about how to put the tenets you've read about on your favorite minimalism and personal finance blogs into practice but not sure where to start?

Tiny Living for a Fuller Life: A Minimalism eCourse- will be launching soon and I'd love for you to be a part of it!

In the meantime, when you submit your email address here you will not only receive updates about the course launch, but will also receive a free guide on 10 Tips for Practicing Minimalism so that you can start living more minimally today!

Wondering what you can expect from the course?

--Interviews with minimalism and tiny living practitioners who are walking the talk
--Tips and tricks from famous minimalists
--Monthly challenges for leading a more minimalist and tiny life
-- Loads of resources including blogs and books to read, movies and shows to watch, podcasts to listen to, and services to try
--A community of other tiny living-minded folks who want to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle

Why learn from me?

Not only have I been actively studying minimalism and tiny living for multiple years, but I also am trained in advising and life coaching. I have embraced minimalism and (from my professional and personal background) know the steps to help you successfully overcome hurdles to do the same!

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