Hi there and welcome to Joyfully Frugal!

I recently turned 28 and decided to get honest with myself about the mountain of debt I'm sitting under - all $70,000 of it. With inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers on personal finance, I've decided to make my own journey semi-public by laying it out here so that others can, hopefully, find inspiration and empowerment on their frugal living, debt repayment journey.

Over the coming weeks and months while I start chipping away at my debt, I'll be updating my progress, but also sharing details about things like living more minimally, completing spending freezes, budgeting, and side hustles. I hope that pulling these topics together here will be helpful.

Lastly, an important disclaimer: I am not an accountant or a personal finance guru, I'm simply a regular person, with a regular job, doing the best I can to repay my debt and, eventually, live more financially independently. I'm looking forward to the inevitable stumbles and successes along the way and to sharing it with all of you!

With gratitude,

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