How to Declutter and Decorate to Maximize Your Mood

I am someone who is a big believer in the fact that our environment can seriously influence our mood. What simpler way to boost your happiness then, than to keep a tidy, inspiring, light- and love-filled home? Keep reading for some easy ways to mindfully decorate your home to elevate your mood.

  1. Light. Letting in as much light as possible is one of the most important ways to make a space feel more inviting and happy. Some tips:
    1. Open your blinds. Sometimes I walk around all day with my blinds drawn tight. Lamps just don’t do the trick like natural light, so open those blinds!
    2. Buy sheer white curtains. Sheer curtains can transform any apartment into a light, airy summer home. Make sure you’re still drawing back those curtains to let light in during the day, but even at night the white curtains will give the impression of light filtering in.
    3. Hang a mirror. Mirrors are incredible creations because they reflect light! I have mirrors hanging opposite my windows in nearly every room in my house and it is amazing what it does to brighten my space.
    4. Use a light box. I used to live in the Seattle area, so I understand that winter months often bring grey dreariness when light is hard to come by. That’s why I have a light box that sits on my desk and helps combat my Seasonal Affective Disorder. I use it year round because we can all use more light!

2. Openness. Making a space feel more open and less claustrophobic helps your heart and mind feel less claustrophobic as well! Some tips:
  1. Hang curtains high. Hanging your curtains all the way up to the ceiling will help your windows, and correspondingly, your space feel bigger.
  2. Hang a mirror. Just as hanging a mirror helps a space feel lighter it also helps a space feel larger. So seriously - go to a thrift store and find a few mirrors for cheap. You’ll thank me.
  3. Minimize furniture. A cluttered home naturally feels smaller, so minimize furniture for maximum impact.

3. Cleanliness. Don’t you find that when your space is messy your mood feels a little
messy too? Keeping a tidy home makes a world of difference in how I feel. It feels so great to wake up or come home from work to a clean apartment. Some tips:
  1. Create a cleaning schedule. This will vary depending on your space, but I find that cleaning one or two things per room per day is a great way to help me stay on track. I use a modified version of this schedule from Gretchen over at Gretch Runs.
  2. Prep for the week. Do you feel like you rarely have time in the week to tidy up? Make Sunday a day to really prepare for your week. Whether it’s meal prepping so you don’t have so many dishes to do every night or doing the time consuming tasks like scrubbing the shower or mopping the floors, try to get some things done over the weekend for a happier, healthier week.
  3. Practice a 10-minute tidy. One of the major lessons I gleaned from The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin that I incorporate into my day-to-day is a 10-minute tidy every evening. Just putting the things I took out over the course of the evening back into place makes me feel accomplished and sets me up for an optimum mood then next day.

4. Pieces that bring you joy. Marie Kondo writes in full length about this in The Life
Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She (and I!) believes that you can decrease stress and maximize happiness by only keeping pieces in your home that bring you joy. Some tips:
  1. Declutter. The first step in making a joy-filled space is to declutter. Whether you choose to donate your belongings to a good cause or sell them for a little extra cash, getting rid of the things that no longer serve you or bring you joy will bring a lightness and warmth to your home that is unparalleled.
  2. Buy for function AND aesthetics. It’s great to have a lot of functional pieces around your home, but it’s also great to feel aesthetically pleased when you enter a room. I know that for me, things like bookshelves can be a great way to store things but also create a piece of notable decor in a room.
  3. Do it yourself. Some of the pieces that I’m most attached to in my home are the things I’ve made myself. Between this crate coffee table and this shelving unit, my living room brings me joy every time I step foot in it because I have memories - often with friends or family - of the creation of these objects which makes them more meaningful and mood-boosting.
  4. Display photos. At the end of the day remembering the good times you’ve had with the people you care about helps make for a truly happy life. Displaying photos of your friends and family can have a huge impact on making your space a more love-filled place to be.

Making a home is a beautiful and important thing. Why not make it so that it reflects your personality and brings you happiness? Whether it’s tidying up, decorating with pieces you love, or ushering in the light, your home decor really can elevate your mood. Try out some of these tips and let me know what works for you in the comments below!

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