Finding Silver Linings in Unexpected Expenses

Nothing could have prepared me for this weekend’s car accident. Driving home from the mountains on Saturday, my girlfriend and I were in a pretty serious car accident. While we weren’t carted off to the emergency room, my car was totaled and the person who hit us was uninsured. The words “unfair” have passed my lips more than once in the last few days. Talk about an unexpected expense.

Still though, I’m trying to find silver linings. One being, my insurance covers uninsured drivers and medical expenses. Great! What I can’t get over though, is my car. It was a 2001 Honda Accord - the most reliable little guy ever - but it’s Bluebook value is (at the most) around $2000. Finding another reliable car for that amount seems impossible from where I stand.

Interestingly, I’ve been talking a lot to my girlfriend about how I want to spend less on gas and parking and instead invest in my bike and the bus. As we are now a one car household it’s looking like I’ll be doing just that. Almost an enforced spending freeze on transportation costs as we move into the new year. I admit that I’m looking forward to saving the money, especially with the mountain of debt I have to tackle. I’m willing to concede another silver lining. If I decide not to buy a car, I’ll also be saving the payout from my insurance for my totaled car, which could - further - go towards my debt. Another major benefit as I’m on this debt-repayment journey.

I feel pretty up in the air about whether or not to get another car. My city is decently public transportation friendly, but I often make trips to see my parents or sister in the suburbs/mountains which would be more challenging. Not to mention my girlfriend’s two jobs that she has to travel between and my appointments and volunteer responsibilities. So we’ll see! For now, I’m trying to take things one day at a time.

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