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January Financial Challenge Update

As you know if you’ve been following along, I decided to complete 36 monthly challenges this year beginning with three financial challenges to kick things off. In the month of January I planned to save $500, give away or sell 500 items, and complete a spending freeze. If you’re thinking that seems like a lot of hefty goals - it is! Now that we’re halfway through the month, it’s time to review with a January Financial Challenge Update!

Why I Plan to Complete 36 Monthly Challenges in 2017

I’ve been sitting with the new year for about a week and am still struggling with what exactly my intentions are for the year. I’d love to say that I thought of something brilliant like Cait Flanders’ Year of Slow or Mrs. Our Next Life’s Year of No, but that just hasn’t been the case. My gears have been turning to no avail. Right when I think I’ve grasped something essential about the way I want this year to unfold it drifts back away and I’m left wondering if my word for 2017 should be “indecisive.”

How to Declutter and Decorate to Maximize Your Mood

I am someone who is a big believer in the fact that our environment can seriously influence our mood. What simpler way to boost your happiness then, than to keep a tidy, inspiring, light- and love-filled home? Keep reading for some easy ways to mindfully decorate your home to elevate your mood.

My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I’d heard a lot about capsule wardrobes on Pinterest and always liked the idea in theory. I mused that it might be interesting to try “someday” when I was in the right mood or had the right mindset. Then I watched Minimalism - a recently released documentary on the topic of minimalist living. The filmmakers interviewed a number of famously minimalistic folks, one of whom was Courtney Carver - creator of Project 333. Project 333 is based on a simple, but powerful concept: that you can exist for three months with only 33 articles of clothing (including outerwear, accessories, and shoes). Her website - Be More With Less - is so inspirational but also so matter of fact. She makes Project 333 feel possible. So I decided to try it myself with a winter capsule wardrobe.

Banking on Mindfulness for Financial Gain

As I go through this wild, sometimes rocky, but always beautiful journey called life I've realized what a more contented, stable, and thoughtful person I am when I'm actively practicing mindfulness. You may be wondering what this has to do with finances and frugality and paying off my debt. The answer is: everything.

10 Minimalist Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

With Christmas just around the corner (seriously where did the year go??), I’ve started thinking about ways to be more mindful and minimalistic with my gift-giving this year. Historically my family have been big gift givers and that often results in several things I really appreciate and use, but also several more that end up gathering dust until the next time I play the Minimalism Game or have a bout of KonMari-inspired decluttering. So rather than spending lots of money on things that won’t get used or that take up precious space, this year I’m working from my very own minimalist gift guide. Keep reading for 10 minimalist gift ideas!

How to Build a Successful Budget

I’m new to developing budgets. In fact, I’ve really only been actively budgeting for the last few months - that is, tracking all of my expenses, updating my budgets monthly to account for differing expenses, and thinking realistically about how I’m allocating my money and where I can be implementing more savings. The initial steps in setting up a budget are incredibly time consuming, but ultimately so worth it is you’re trying to understand where your money is going in order to save more! Which is really the goal. So how can you develop a successful budget that will save you money like never before?